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I offer a variety of coaching options to fit your individual financial needs.

Group Coaching (Best Value)

This is my newest service offering! My 6-week group coaching program is the perfect format for individuals who want to establish some foundational skills in personal finance in a short time period. This program includes: 

  • 6 weeks of live zoom lessons on various concepts in personal finance

  • worksheets and action items to complete on your own time before the next week

  • group discussion to share ideas and develop individual action items

This format is ideal if you:

  • are motivated to take control of your finances

  • have a high level of accountability to do the action items on your own with some
    group encouragement


This is also a great option if you are not ready to make the time and financial investment in one-on-one coaching, as it packs a big punch in a short time for under half the cost!

Note: Registration for my November program is now closed, but stay tuned for my next launch in January!

Stay Tuned for the Next Program in January!

1-on-1 Subscription Coaching (Most Popular)

This is my most popular service option. Subscription coaching is available in either 6-month or 12-month subscriptions and provides:

  • 1.5 hour initial session to create your personalized budget, set goals for your subscription, and develop action items based around your goals

  • 1 hour of individual coaching on a monthly basis using Zoom videoconferencing for virtual meetings

  • customized action items that align with your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals

  • 3-6 lessons on personal finance concepts in the second half of your subscription (i.e., how to save for large expenses, healthcare, how to buy a home, how to protect your assets, etc.)

This coaching model is ideal for you if you:

  • have lots of debt

  • are living to paycheck

  • use your credit cards for everyday expenses or to supplement your income

  • do not live on a budget or even know how to budget 

  • simply feel like you have no idea where to begin to take control of your finances

This format provides the highest level of accountability and individual encouragement.

Note: Subscription coaching may be paid on a monthly basis using an automatic debit withdrawal, or you may pay in full for the entire subscription. There is a 10% off discount if you pay in full.

What goals could you accomplish with an extra $11,125?

That's how much progress my average client makes in 6 months!*

*includes debt payoff + savings

Package Coaching (Maintenance Option)

My package coaching options are similar to my subscription coaching, in that they are hour-long one-on-one virtual sessions. This type of coaching is available in packages of 4, 6, or 12 sessions and provides:

  • 1-hour individual Zoom coaching session at the interval of your discretion

  • personalized action items aligned to your financial goals


Package coaching is ideal for clients who:


  • have worked with me before for subscription coaching

  • have already started to build a strong foundation in personal finance

  • still want the guidance and accountability that one-on-one coaching provides

Note: In this option, you must purchase the entire packages as a one-time purchase.

2-Hour Deep Dive

This option provides a two-hour intensive virtual session with me to review your budget, finances, and and goals.


This session is perfect if you:

  • already have a budget

  • have some foundational personal finance skills

  • still have questions about how to accomplish your goals

  • need specific action items to help guide you

If you are in debt, don’t use a regular budget, and have limited knowledge in personal finance, one-on-one subscription coaching would be a better option for you.

Still have questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page!

My average group coaching client makes $2,500 of forward progress in 6 weeks*! 

*includes debt payoff + savings 

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