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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is a financial coach?
    I help my clients to dream big about what they want to accomplish in life and identify the financial and behavioral road blocks that are keeping them from accomplishing those goals. I then work with them to establish an intentional plan and roadmap for how to take control of their finances in order to allow them to achieve financial freedom. My program will teach you the foundations in personal finance by focusing on creating smart financial behaviors that will then become lifelong habits to get you on the path to financial freedom and building long-term wealth.


  2. How long does it take to be successful?
    While working through this program, most people will be comfortable with budgeting on their own after three months. On average, people coming into this program with debt will have their debt completely paid off within 12-18 months.


  3. How long are the coaching sessions?
    With the exception of the initial coaching session, most coaching sessions will be for up to one hour but may take less time, depending on how much one-on-one coaching you need.


  4. How much does coaching cost?
    My coaching program is designed to be specific to my clients’ individual needs. I have a variety of ways in which you can work with me, such as individual sessions, packages, and monthly subscriptions. My current service options include hourly coaching, as well as monthly subscriptions and packages. The cost of coaching will depend on which coaching option you select, as well as how much coaching you purchase. I offer pay-in-full discounts, and I will always work with you to make sure that my coaching fees fit into your monthly budget as an affordable solution for you.


  5. How can I afford to pay for financial coaching when I’m this broke?!
    Excellent question! The answer is this: you simply can’t afford NOT to take control of your finances, BECAUSE you are this broke! We will budget for my coaching services in your monthly budget. Based on the skills and tools you will learn through my coaching, most people have either paid off (in debt) and/or saved almost THREE TIMES the cost of my coaching within just one month of coaching!


  6. What kind of results can I expect from financial coaching?
    The results are going to be totally dependent upon how much you’re willing to do the work and follow the advice that I give you. That said, currently my clients have paid off an average of $2,263 in debt AND saved an average of $912 after the first month of coaching, for a total turnaround of $3,175 within one month! Again, I will give you all the tools and advice, but it will be up to you to execute the plan!


  7. Will you help me with investing?
    I am not a certified financial advisor, so I will not be investing your money for you. I will help you to budget and allocate your money into investment vehicles (such as 401(k), HSA, Roth IRA, etc.) at the appropriate time in your individual program. For additional financial advising services unrelated to behaviors in personal finance, I will refer you to a professional investment or financial advisor.


  8. What will we talk about on the complimentary discovery session?
    The complimentary discovery session is simply for me to understand your general financial situation and what you are looking to accomplish out of coaching. I want to determine if I can provide a solution for you, based on what your individual financial goals. I will also go over my services, different types of coaching, and the cost of any coaching service(s) in which you may be interested.


  9. I am not local. Can you still coach me?
    Absolutely! I use a free videoconferencing tool called Zoom for virtual/online coaching. I will give you online access to any resources you may need throughout coaching, so you don’t need to be located in Richmond, VA to work with me.


  10. What are your credentials, and what makes you qualified to be a financial coach?
    Great question! I have been studying personal finance since 2015 by reading a ton of books and articles, and meeting with various professionals in the financial space to interview them and learn some “tricks of the trade.” In 2018, I took a paid online training course through Ramsey Solutions to become a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, also known as a Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach. As a financial coach trained through Ramsey Solutions, I am also part of a network of other Ramsey Preferred Financial Coaches who receive continued training and development on how to effectively coach and a variety of personal finance topics. This continued training allows me to constantly stay up-to-date with the information, tools, and resources to help coach you out of debt, into great personal finance behaviors, and into long-term wealth!


  11. Have you done this program?
    Yes! I used this program to help pay off and “cash flow” (pay for with cash vs. debt) over $98,000 in 18 months! Additionally, before I officially launched my coaching business, I practiced my coaching skills on my then fiance in 2017. As a result of my coaching and guidance (and him working the plan), he paid off $30,000 in under a year while working as a middle-school teacher!


  12. I know someone who could benefit from this type of service. Do you have a referral program?
    Yes! I want to help as many people as possible out of debt and into wealth, so I do have a referral bonus! I will pay a cash bonus up to $50 for anyone you refer who books a coaching service with me. 


  13. Who does this program work for?
    I can help anyone who is motivated to get out of debt, build wealth, and take control of their financial situation.


  14. Who won’t this program work for?
    This program will NOT work if you are comfortable with your current situation and unwilling to put in the work to follow the plan that we set for you. This program will NOT work if you want to keep up with the Joneses more than you want to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. This program will NOT work if you are okay with waiting on the government to forgive your student loan debt.


  15. Do you coach couples? If so, do you charge both of us?
    Absolutely! Money problems are one of the leading causes of divorce in the US, and I’m passionate about helping couples get on the same page with their money! I firmly believe that working together on finances will improve your communication as a couple and strengthen your relationship. I consider financial coaching to be a form of premarital/ marital counseling; that’s how important it is! For married couples, I require that both spouses participate in all coaching sessions. For engaged couples, I strongly encourage both parties to do coaching together. As an engaged or married couple doing coaching together during the same session, you would pay for only one package or subscription instead of two, since my coaching is a fee-for-time service.

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